19/06 Off at Forum 2016: Kompakt OpenAir Barcelona Meets Agoria Invites at Parc Del Forum - OFF Party NEWS
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19/06 Off at Forum 2016: Kompakt OpenAir Barcelona Meets Agoria Invites at Parc Del Forum


Kompakt and Agoria will present two stunning line ups during the closing Sunday of Off at Forum 2016.

The Kompakt stage will be led by Michael Mayer alongside Danny Daze, Patrice Bäumel and Barnt, crowned by live performances of Gui Boratto and Hunter/Game.

Stage 2 will be taken over by Agoria and his invited guests: Jacques, DJ Tennis and more to be announced.

A closing ceremony that promises to be unforgettable.
Both stages are near the sea with access to a private beach.

After Movie 2015

STAGE 1: Kompakt Open Air Barcelona
Michael Mayer
Danny Daze
Patrice Baumel
Gui Boratto (Live)
Hunter/Game (Live)

STAGE 2: Agoria Invites
Agoria b2b Scuba
Damian Lazarus
Dj Tennis
Jacques (Live)

We were young rebels ready to battle the unknown. Those memories of our gang’s trips and my first teenage parties have left indelebile and founding imprints. In the mid 90s, the rave was my declaration of faith, my post Clearasil religion. After the first steps in this church, the music lover has evolved into an amazed and hedonist dancer. The Mass has been said.

Agoria Invites isn’t a new rave but it was born there. Sharing the booth and proximity with my guest of course, but also and especially with the crowd. Alternatively invited to dinner, to settle in the backstages, or to enjoy breakfast. You are my guests.


ADDRESS: Carrer Josep Pla w/ Ronda Litoral, Parc del Fòrum, Barcelona
No access through the main entrance to Forum – more info about the venue coming soon!

TICKETS: http://bit.ly/1RcUcu9